About Myself and My Nail Career

About Me for Mani Pedi Site

Hi! Welcome to my website, where I have brought together everything I know about nails to help you look picture of jill steingreat! I am a single woman who knows all about what it takes to look great!

I started doing my own nails before I was a teenager and I just love it! My mom and aunts always had gorgeous nails that inspired me to want to do my own. I love the fun girly looks that I can make as much as the sleek, seductive glitters that make so much fun for a girls night out.

I have been to nail tech school and really learned a whole lot. That is why I decided I would start the blog. This way, I can share everything that I know with women and girls all around the world.

I don’t have a husband but I do like to date and go out clubbing with my friends. Although I grew up with animals, I don’t have one right now because the owners of the house won’t let me.

I enjoy life and people and hope that this blog helps people like you to look and feel beautiful. I know that when I go out I want to look great. Using the right nail polish colors for the season and occasion are just part of what I need to get done in order to feel good about myself.

I am really hoping that you will also find some self esteem in these fun lessons that will teach you everything from how to care for your cuticles to the hottest new colors to hit the shelves each season. Take a look around and tell me what you think. I look forward to talking to you and becoming lifelong buddies on the internet!